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tv   News 4 Today at 5  NBC  January 18, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EST

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at 5:00 a.m. a number of websites are off line trying to take a stand against a controversial bill making its way through congress. plus, the grim search continues for those still missing after the cruise ship disaster in italy. good morning to you, i'm joe krebs. >> and i'm eun yang. welcome to "news4 today" for this wednesday, january 18, 2012. we're taking a live look outside right now. 5:00 a.m. 45 degrees. don't let the temperature fool you. it is windy out there, and you can just sense that the cold is right behind. >> yeah, and it's penetrating, too. the hairstyles by mr. wind again today. we have had those winds gusting to nearly 40 miles per hour over the last couple hours. they have diminished a bit here now as we are approaching dawn. right now it's at 46 degrees at reagan national. and the wind out of the north/northwest sustained at about 20 to 25 miles per hour under a clear sky there at
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reagan national. and these are the other temperatures around. it's just near 40 in montgomery county. arlington and fairfax counties, low 40s now. mid 40s in much of prince george's county. and these are the latest wind gusts. gusts to 30 to 35 miles per hour common around the region. just had a gust at reagan national to 35 miles per hour. and here's the view from space. the sky's cleared a bit, and we've got clouds off to the west of the metro area and south and east of the metro area. a few sprinkles lingering in the northern neck. drying out there as the day progresses as well as the rest of the region, gusty winds with us, diminishing this afternoon. highs reaching low 40s around noontime. 30s by late afternoon. around sunset. even colder tonight. we'll look at the evening planner in ten minutes. here's traffic. good morning, danella. good morning. not seeing any issues around the beltway if you're making that trip this morning. nothing but a lot of green for you, even on 66 inside the beltway. you're in the clear. traveling along route 50. i'll give you a live look now. at 424 davidsonville road, had a
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big accident here this time yesterday. taking a live look now. no problems at all. your volume is very light. and as you make your way from davidsonville and head to the beltway, no issues on 50 in either direction. taking the rails now, they're open, no reported delays on the metro, marc, or vre. back to you. >> thank you very much. today a third person is set to plead guilty in the federal corruption case involving former d.c. council member harry thomas jr. james garvin was charged yesterday. he's the former board member for the nonprofit group langston 21 and general manager of langston golf course. garvin is accused of receiving tens of thousands of dollars in city grant funds and then transferring them to thomas who used them to fund his lavish lifestyle. if convicted, garvin faces up to three years in prison. last week the founder of the nonprofit, marshall banks, pled guilty to a similar charge and faces between six months and three years in prison. this morning, the secret service says that they did not
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arrest anyone after someone threw a smoke bomb over the north fence and on to the white house grounds. it happened last night as demonstrators from the occupy movement protested at the white house. people inside the white house were not allowed to leave on the pennsylvania avenue side of the building. president obama and first lady michelle obama were not at home at the time. they were at a nearby restaurant celebrating her 48th birthday. protesters marched from the supreme court to the capitol and ended up at the white house. the movement is protesting economic disparity. in decision 2012 coverage, the obama campaign is requesting advertising rates in a number of key states including virginia. it's a sign that the president could be close to airing his first television commercials for the 2012 campaign. president obama's campaign headquarter are seeking out the advertising information in 14 states that are expected to be heavily contested between mr. obama and his republican opponent. there is no word on when the ads will start airing on tv.
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the president is taking heat for where he will give his speech during the democratic national convention. dnc leaders announced he will accept his party's nomination at the bank of america stadium in charlotte, north carolina. critics are upset because the stadium is named after a bank that received a federal bailout. dnc leaders say the venue was chosen because the 74,000-seat stadium allows more people to take part in the event. just a few days to go before the south carolina primary. this morning the pressure is mounting on front-runner mitt romney. his remaining competitors in the republican presidential race are calling for him to release his tax records. romney is standing firm saying that he will wait until april to do so. he did reveal that he pays a 15% income tax generally. that's a figure common for wealthy americans who earn most of their income from capital gains. now the white house is questioning romney's break with tradition. >> i believe, you know, just -- i think it was a tradition that was initiated by then-presidential candidate george romney back in 1968.
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>> my income comes overwhelmingly from investments made in the past rather than ordinary income or rather than earned annual income. and then i get speakers fees from time to time, but not much. >> the latest national poll of republicans finds romney has a commanding 23-point lead -- 23% point lead. the new protest is taking place today line. dozens of websites have shut down for 24 hours to protest two anti-piracy bills under consideration in congress. news4's angie goff joins us with more on what sites you will not be able to access today. >> reporter: some of the biggest and most popular websites on the internet are taking part in the protest. and while some are not shutting down completely, at least a dozen are showing their anger over the controversial set of bills. wikipedia has taken the lead on this. and what you can expect is to see their site, at least the english version, the language version, will be completely dark today. here's what you'll get if you try to visit the site. also another big site
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participating. talking about craigslist here. if you were to go to craigslist now, this is what you would see. it's going completely dark today. also with a message on how to contact congress. google is definitely different this morning. check it out. we have the logo there, but it's totally blacked out with a black sensor bar over its headline all day. and then the "huffington post," another big website where their big picture or main headline usually, is you'll see this big black hole. now the main target for these protests are two separate bills being considered by congress. the first and most well-known is the sopa or stop online piracy act. the second is pippa or the protect intellectual property act, has flown under the radar and has passed a senate committee. the bills were designed to crack down on the piracy on line by restricting access to websites that host pirated content. many sites aren't actually based in the u.s. but overseas, outside the reach
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of federal regulation. sopa and pipa get around that by forcing sites that leak or force the content to withhold service from the sites and providers. critics like wikipedia, facebook, and twitter say, however, that the bills will hurt the technology industry and infringe on free speech rights. back to you. >> angie goff in the newsroom. a live look off the coast of italy. crews temporarily suspended search efforts inside an overturned cruise ship. officials say rough waters caused the boat to move slightly, putting divers in danger. more than 4,200 people were on the "costa concordia" when it slammed into a reef friday night. 11 people died. 20 other are still missing. the captain is accused of deliberately steering the ship toward shallow waters. he's charged with manslaughter, causing the wreck, and abandoning shim before all passengers evacuated the boat. he is on house arrest. a virginia couple is home and speaking about their experience during that cruise
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ship disaster. karen kennedy and her boyfriend said the boat lost power right after dinner. the crew initially said a generator caused the outage. they quickly learned the ship was in danger and headed to their cabin to collect valuables. kennedy says they raced to the top deck as other passengers tried to get off the ship any way they could. >> they closed the gate, and they started to like push it off the side of the boat. and people started jumping from the boat into our life boat. and it messed up the weight distribution. >> the couple eventually maded it to shore and then went on to rome where they received temporary passports to get home. kennedy said she had dinner with the minnesota couple who is now among the 20 missing. 5:08. searching for answers. what we're learning about a mystery illness apparently affecting a number of teenage girls at one new york school. bracing for the worst storm they've seen in years.
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weather and traffic on the 1s. good morning, it's 5:11 on this
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wednesday morning -- i should say windsday because the winds are whipping up. low to mid 40s, montgomery, arlington, fairfax, prince george's counties and the district of columbia. from anacostia to bowie, clinton, alexandria, great falls and clarks buburg, the skies ha cleared up. gust around 30 to 35 miles per hour. they're going to stay strong through the morning hours. then the winds will diminish this afternoon. still clouds to the west of the metro area, but it's a mostly clear sky over washington, throughout virginia and southern maryland. and a few sprinkles on the eastern shore in the northern neck. those will end shortly. as the day progresses, sunrise at 7:24. sunshine this morning. winds whipping up during the morning, hovering around 40. back into the 30s by late afternoon. partly cloudy this evening. sunset's at 5:13. by midnight down near 30 degrees and colder tomorrow. a look at that and the week and weekend in ten minutes. how's traffic? a couple issues. first let's start with the beltway. the inner loop at georgia avenue, have a report of an
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accident here. use caution in the area. and definitely see an accident old columbia pike at fairland road. police and the fire department are on the scene of that accident. looks like mdot is zooming in. i can tell you i saw it a minute ago. please use caution while traveling on the road. again, you will see fire trucks and police officers. a lot of light. use caution. if you're taking the rails, i'm not seeing any issues now with each running on school. no issues on the metro, marc, or vre. back to you. >> thank you very much. it's now 5:13. 44 degrees. ahead on "news4 today," people across the northwest probably wish they could have our cold, windy weather. the major winter storm that's slamming the region right now. >>
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welcome back. ouch. a fender-bender there. we may not have snow here, but the pacific northwest is getting slammed by a major winter storm that's expected to bring several feet of snow by the time all is said and done. the snow has been steadily falling in parts of oregon and washington state, making the roads downright treacherous. >> we're expecting more snow, so our crews are working 12-hour shifts now, 24 hours a day. >> state police closed parts of interstate 90 in washington state because of avalanche danger out there. health officials say they're ruling out possible causes for a mystery illness affecting 12 girls at a high school in new york. the teens all suffer from uncontrollable body movements and verbal outbursts similar to tourette's syndrome. a private company did environmental testing at the school in december. the reports found that no substances were detected within the school building. well, this morning police
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will search for more clues after dog walkers made a gruesome discovery in the foothills of hollywood. police say two women found a human head in a plastic bag below the big hollywood sign. the women were walking nine dogs when two of the dogs began playing with the bag. the head appears to be a man, and it did not seem like it had been there long. no other body part or planned parenthood were found. this -- or blood were found. this morning, a boy and a school bus driver were involved in a crash. a driver in a lowe's truck clipped the bus flipping it on tots side in central texas. the 9-year-old child was ejected through the bus' roof hatch and the driver was knocked unconscious. all 29 children on the bus were taken to the hospital. three were admitted and are expected to survive. state troopers say the delivery truck driver ran a stop sign. no word on whether he'll be charged. a d.c. police officer shot and killed a dog after it bit
5:19 am
several people. police say a german shepherd and another dog were running loose near 14th street in northwest. they say the german shepherd bit a man on the hand, arm, and leg while he was waiting for the bus. witnesses say at one point the german shepherd ran toward a daycare center and bit a man in a wheelchair. >> officers got flagged down as they were on routine patrol. he then noticed he had a victim that was bit several times by the daycare center. so as he was talking he noticed the dog, you know, a block away, you know, had to intervene with the dog who continued to attack other people. >> investigators say when the officer tried to approach the dog, it tried attacking him. that's when he shot and killed the dog. three people were taken to the hospital with bite wounds. all the victims are expected to be okay. the world bank has issued a warning that developing countries need to be ready for a slowdown in economic growth. the bank says the global economy will expand just 2.5% this year and 3.1% in 2013, down from a
5:20 am
june forecast of 3.6% growth for both years. the bank sites the financial crisis in europe and a weaker growth in india and brazil. that news is affecting the world's stock markets. right now the european stock market is mixed. asian stock markets ended up today and u.s. futures are up so far. the most magical place on earth is receiving a special visit from president obama tomorrow. he will travel to disney world to unveil a new plan to boost tourism. the tourism industry has been pushing the president and congress to make travel to the u.s. easier for people living in developing countries. the disney world announcement is part of the we can't wait series to help create jobs. our time is just about 5:21 now. let's look at our weather forecast. tom, still in the mid 40s out there. going to stay that way all day? >> this is probably going to be the warmest part of the day. it will be gradually getting colder throughout the day. if you have long hair, it will be whipping your eyes. we've got strong winds that are
5:21 am
gusting to around 30 miles per hour. temperatures right now are slowly dropping down into the mid to upper 30s now. much of western maryland from hagerstown to cumberland, right now martinsburg at 36. winchester 37, to stanton, 37 there. petersburg also 37. around 40 in montgomery county, in fairfax county. in arlington county, mid 40s, mid 40s in washington and prince george's county. much of southern maryland, northern neck cloudy, in the upper 40s there. just had a wind gust to 35 miles per hour at reagan national. these wind gusts have been around 35 to 40 miles per hour the last couple of hours. they will gradually diminish as the day progresses. and the view from space showing a few clouds to our west and north. still may be producing sprinkles in the panhandle of west virginia, northern shenandoah valley. and in southern maryland, over south of salisbury, they're getting a few sprinkles near the atlantic beaches. sunrise at 7:24. we should have sunshine this morning. and those winds still gusty
5:22 am
through the morning hours. we'll hold steady around 40. during the afternoon, we'll have our temperatures gradually getting colder by sunset. the upper 30s. and then by dawn tomorrow, we'll be down to near 20 degrees. will be near 30 by midnight. and near 20 this time tomorrow morning. a very cold start to thursday. a little sun in the morning, clouding up in the afternoon. highs in the mid 40s. maybe flurries on thursday night as another cool front comes through. that will usher in another blast of cold air on friday. winds will be diminished. on saturday, looks like chilly rain developing. looks like when the rain begins we should be above freezing and hovering near 40 through the day. rain ending saturday late. sun back sunday, but still cold. and a bit warmer, maybe some more rain on monday night into tuesday. danella, how's traffic? seeing a couple accidents slowing you down in montgomery county. first inner loop of the beltway at georgia avenue. had a single vehicle into the ditch there. it's in your right shoulder lane. just be cautious while crews are
5:23 am
working. also the fire department still on the scene of the accident at old columbia pike at fairland road. i can tell you volume's very light in the area. so we're not seeing any congestion at all. i do want you to slow down and exercise caution as you approach both of those accidents. traveling in virginia, i-95 at the occoquan. getting busy heading out of dale city. no major delays yet. and i can tell you you're clear as you make your way on to 395. southbound no issues at all. i'm back in ten with another look at your traffic. back to you. >> thank you. in the day ahead, the national alliance to end homelessness will release its annual report. the report is expected to say that the overall number of homeless people is down from 2009. but many american families are still at risk of losing their homes and could be left homeless in the future. the report also is expected to talk about related issues that include housing costs, unemployment, and foreclosure issues. the number of children living in poverty is at a 13-year high in the commonwealth
5:24 am
of virginia. that's about 265,000 children. the cities of danville and pittsburgh -- rather petersburg lead topping 40%. virginia has lower rates even though the cost of living is expensive. fairfax county has a program that moves the homeless to self-sufficiency. karen debose is enrolled in the program and says she's doing whatever she can to help keep a roof over her head and that was her son. >> i'm not really making that much money, but i make the money that i make stretch. >> debose hopes to own her own home in five years with the help of this fairfax program. the federal agent who accidently shot himself while lecturing children on gun safety lost his appeal over the release of the video. >> okay, i'm the only one in this room professional enough that i know of who carries it -- [ gunshot ] >> the video was taken in 2004 when dea agent lee page was
5:25 am
speaking at a school in florida. the video went viral. page sued the dea saying the release invaded his privacy and ended his ability to work undercover or give motivational speeches. the court says there is no right to privacy because the incident occurred at an event that was open to the public. a seven-game win streak at home is now history for the caps as they got a -- they did get shut out by the new york islanders last night. the caps had just 17 shots on goal, and the 3-0 loss putting a sour note on the final night of what had been a very successful home stand. washington has won seven of their last ten games with the first shutout of the season taking away some momentum as they hit the road now where they've struggled all year long. they will try to turn the fortunes around tonight in montreal against the canadiens. the hoyas aren't having any trouble on the road, though, with their second straight win away there home over depaul last night. 83-75. senior guard jason clark had a
5:26 am
career high 31 points on the night and was five of seven from the three-point line. the biggest difference for georgetown was their rebounding. they had 47 of them, allowing them to completely dominate the boards. the 15-3 hoyas will return home to take on rutgers friday. a new jersey legislator is now apologizing for referring to the philadelphia eagles as gay birds and the dallas cowboys as cow girls. assemblyman charles maynard told the "jersey journal" that he only wrote part of the message that was posted on his facebook page. the "post," which has been -- the post, which has been deleted,a appeared during the game between the giants and packers. the democrat from jersey city said the friend added the gay birds portion. maynard also told the paper that he does support gay rights. the first couple didn't travel far to celebrate the first lady's 48th birthday. the president took michelle obama, the first lady, to blt steak on i street last night. the first couple was joined by senior white house adviser
5:27 am
valerie jarrett and other friends. the restaurant says the chef made them steak and special seafood dishes that are not on the menu. if you've ever been to blt, the popovers are to die for. >> good? >> i don't even eat anything else. the popovers with butter and jam. >> one of those -- you probably can't eat anything else. >> exactly. 5:27. coming up, finalizing the ballot. a judge weighs in on which candidates will be involved in this year's virginia republican primary. plus, ready to crack down on plus, ready to crack down on the occupy d.c. il, any luck fi?
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more political attacks against mitt romney as the presidential hopeful watches his lead in the polls grow. several web sites have gone black this morning as the internet community takes a stand against a controversial anti-piracy bill. good morning to you. i'm eun yang. >> good morning to you, i'm joe krebs. welcome back to "news4 today." it is wednesday, january 18. taking a live look, you can't see it, but it is windy now. 44 degrees. and the wind makes it feel very cold. >> uh-huh. the part on joe's hair was on the other side when he got out of the car.
5:31 am
now it's on the other side now. doesn't take long. the wind is going to be gusting up to 40 miles per hour. it has brought in some much colder weather. when you went to bed last night, it was around 60 degrees. now we're down into the mid 40s at reagan national, 46 now. a mostly clear sky. winds sustained at about 20 to 25 miles per hour. it occasionally does gust higher than that. look at the temperatures down into the low to mid 30s now. much of the shenandoah valley, panhandle of west virginia, western maryland, and west virginia. and east of there, closer to washington, it's only near 40 in montgomery, loudoun counties as well as in frederick county, maryland. in fairfax county county, mid four 40s. and low 40s in prince george's county. there are the latest wind gusts. we've had them gusting to 35 miles per hour over the last hour. and the cloud cover has broken up quite a bit. although there may be still a few sprinkles or maybe a few flurries in the northern shenandoah valley, panhandle of
5:32 am
west virginia. as the day progresses, we'll have sunshine in and out and a gusty wind this morning, diminishing this afternoon. 30s by late afternoon. evening planner in ten minutes. how's traffic? inner loop at georgia avenue still seeing the car into a ditch. blocking the right shoulder lane. traveling on old columbia pike at fairland road, fire department still on the scene of the accident there. you can see here looks like just have to stick to the left. you are able to proceed, but you are going to have to hit the brakes. use caution traveling in the area. and if you're in d.c., not seeing any issues, georgia avenue and eastern avenue. you're looking nice and clear at this time. joe and eun, back to you. >> danella, thank you. decision 2012 coverage now. president obama is polling for advertising rates including the state of virginia. he could be close to airing his first television commercials for the 2012 campaign. president obama's campaign headquarters are seeking out the advertising information in 14 states that are expected to be
5:33 am
heavily contested between mr. obama and his republican opponent. there is no word on when the ads will start airing on tv. in the race for the republican nomination for president, mitt romney remains on top, and his lead apparently is growing. gallup's latest poll puts him 23 points ahead of his closest republican rival. romney has one problem, though. apparently his wealth. tracie potts has more good morning. good morning, everyone. opponents are trying to portray romney as disconnected from the american public because of what he earns and what he's worth. in fact, there's now a web video by a democratic group that talks about romney's earnings as a speaker, as a public speaker. over $374,000 last year. something that romney described as not very much. it is seven times what the average american earns. there have been calls for romney to release his tax returns. he now says that he will let america know exactly what he's
5:34 am
earning this spring. >> rather than sort of have multiple releases of tax returns, why, we'll wait until the tax returns for the recent year are completed and release them. >> romney's also still under fire for his involvement as founder of bain capital, the investment group that shut down some companies and was behind layoffs. rick perry in south carolina saying people there are not crazy about bain. newt gingrich campaigning in south carolina saying that it exploited other companies. joe? >> thank you very much. mitt romney is planning to come to our area soon to pitch his economic plan. the former governor is expected to headline a breakfast event next month in reston sponsored by two technology associations. virginia may not be as pivotal in his bid to win the nominations as one thought because he and ron paul are the only candidates on the ballot. but both republicans and democrats have identified virginia as a battleground state come november. and it looks like republican presidential contender rick perry and three other candidates
5:35 am
will not get their names on the virginia's primary ballot. a three-judge panel from the federal fourth circuit of appeals unanimously ruled against them yesterday. they said the candidates knew the rules and the requirement to get on the ballot, it had been on the books for years. mitt romney and ron paul are the only two candidates that will be printed on virginia's republican primary ballot. the virginia primary vote is march 6. a congressional panel will hold a hearing to find out why demonstrators with the occupy movement have been allowed to remain at mcpherson square. vincent gray asked the national parks to evict people camped out at mcpherson square and move them to freedom plaza. the mayor cited health concerns given the growing rat infestation there. the parks service is responsible for both mcpherson square and freedom plaza because they are on federal property. the hearing is scheduled for next week. the movement is protesting what it calls economic disparity. and this morning, the secret service says it did not arrest
5:36 am
anyone after someone threw a smoke bomb over the north fence and on to the white house grounds. it happened last night as occupy protesters demonstrated at lafayette park across from the white house. at the time people inside the white house were not allowed it leave on the pennsylvania avenue side of the building. the president and first lady were not at home. they were at a nearby restaurant celebrating her 48th birthday. d.c. police chief lanier is making a plea to help find a mother who left a baby to die in the cold. police say a man found the baby on the steps of a home on channing street in northeast washington. she did not have on any clothes and was only wrapped in a thin towel. neighbors couldn't revive her. police are waiting on reports from the medical examiner to determine exactly how the baby died and how old the baby was. investigators believe the child waanywhere from a few days old up to a month. the chief says finding the mother is critical now. >> we believe that she may need
5:37 am
medical attention, too. we want to get answers and see if we can help her or somebody else in cases like this in the future. >> d.c. has a safe haven law which allows babies to be left at a fire station or hospital. police say anyone who believes they know the mother should contact them immediately. right now a dozen web sites are shutting down for 24 hours, protesting two anti-piracy bills under consideration in congress. wikipedia's english language version of its web site and craigslist are dark today. google is also taking part. the web site is not down, but it did put a black sensor bar over its logo. the web sites are upset with the stop online piracy act and the protect intellectual property act. those bills are designed to crack down on sales of pirated u.s. products overseas. critics, though, say it could hurt the technology industry and infringe on free speech rights. this weekend, expect delays on metro. metro is closing one metro rail
5:38 am
station and single tracking on nearly every line while crews do major track work. metro will close the medical center station on the red line. it will offer free shuttle bus service between bethesda and grovner metro stations. metro will be single tracking on the orange line between east and west falls church. the blue line between braddock and van dorn. the green line between naylor road and branch avenue. the yellow line develop braddock and huntington. the work begins friday night. everything should be up and running for the morning commute on monday. 5:38 the time. 45 degrees. new developments right now in the search for those missing cruise ship passengers. why that search is now on hold this morning. this morning. can't
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we know everyone's looking for ways to save. why not save on car insurance? [ coin drops ] [ high-pitched voice ] thanks. [ normal voice ] you're welcome. get a free quote at welcome back. garrett county schools in maryland will be opening two hours late. the area is apparently getting a little snow this hour. the school district says it will operate with regular schedule once classes do begin. right now let's take a -- go
5:42 am
over to storm center 4 with tom kiere kierein. yeah, weather & traffic on the 1s. 5:41 on this wednesday. it's turned colder since you went to bed. it was around 60 degrees. now we're into the 30s throughout much of the region west and north of i-95. closer to washington, it's in the low to mid 40s in fairfax, arlington, prince george's counties and southern montgomery county. it is down into the 30s farther west and north. these are the latest gusts. we've had gusts at 35 miles per hour over the last hour. as we look at what's been happening, the skies cleared out over washington, much of northern virginia and southern maryland. farther to the west, a few light snow showers and flurries northern shenandoah valley and out in western maryland. however, shenandoah valley with temperatures above freezing. snow storm activity should not be causing any problems. and as the day progresses, winds will diminish. by this afternoon, hovering near 40 this morning, then dropping into the upper 30s by sunset. near 30 by midnight tonight and even colder tomorrow morning. we'll talk about that and look at the week and weekend coming
5:43 am
up in ten minutes. i'll show you photos from my latest school visit, as well. how's traffic? looking really good. had an accident, old columbia pike at fairlands road. that accident is now out of the roadway. if you're traveling on i-270 in maryland, are you hitting the brakes just a bit heading out of urbana. you're pretty slow. as you make your way toward clarksburg, a slow trip. but once you get to clarksburg and head into germantown, you're in the clear. once you make your way into rockville, you will see volume increase just a bit. no major delays. there is the view of falls road heading toward the spur. you're in the clear. northbound, no issues. a lot of wind. if you're taking the rails, no reported delays on the metro, marc, or vre. back to you. >> thank you. our time is 5:43. a new exhibit with kids or at least kids at heart in mind. how the smithsonian is celebrating the history of video games. plus, holding on to our wheels.
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5:47 am
breaking news in italy. crews temporarily suspended the search in the wreckage of the overturned ship because it shifted overnight. angie goff has more from the newsroom. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, the death toll stands at 11 as the search for more bodies is called off after the "costa concordia" moved slightedly. it remains halfway submerged as you saw after slamming into a reef friday. firefighters scoured the ship overnight but found none of the more than 20 passengers still missing. the bodies of five adults were discovered tuesday. among those, though, unaccounted for, two americans. virginians karen kennedy and her boyfriend had dinner with the missing couple from minnesota, the couple here, and are
5:48 am
saddened that they still have not been found. >> we somehad some commonalitie the travels that we had done. we didn't really get confirmation until we were back here yesterday that it was the couple. i'm sorry. >> reporter: the search for those missing is suspended for now. this after the italian navy installed sensors in the ships to detect movement. a moving ship is their main concern, as you can imagine, as it could trap the divers. >> angie goff live in the newsroom. thank you. a coast guard officer says it's unlikely an american cruise would suffer a similar tragedy as the italian cruise liner. he said safety inspections and certifications helped prevent these sorts of situations. still, experts say you can protect yourself by avoiding cruises that get passengers from multiple internal port stops. -- international port stops.
5:49 am
that way everyone on board gets emergency drills before setting sail and the crews primarily speak english. instructions in numerous languages can be confusing and waste precious time. police are trying to find a couple who left behind more than 40 dead animals in their howard county townhouse. the property manager called police after smelling a bad odor from this townhouse inably. animal control officers found 19 dead animals in a freezer including birds, rabbits, a guinea pig and hermit crab. neighbors tell news4 that they're sickened about the news. >> sick that they would walk away and not be attached to any of their animals. >> police believe the couple was involved in an animal rescue group. if you have any information about the whereabouts of the couple, you're asked to call the howard county police. a maryland lawmaker is pushing a bill to crack down on people who abuse animals. the big is backed by frederick senator young. not only would the bill toughen current laws, it would create a
5:50 am
registry of animal abusers similar to registries for sex offenders. abusers would be fingerprinted, and photographs would go into a data base that could be reviewed on line. maryland ranks 36th all out of all 50 states when it comes to laws to protect animals from abuse and neglect. today governor o'malley will announce a plan to raise taxes to help cover the state's budget shortfall. the "washington post" reports the plan would increase taxes on individuals who earn more than $100,000 a year. couples who make more than $150,000 would lose some personal deductions. o'malley wants to collect sales taxs on some internet purchase. the plan would raise more than $300 million in new revenue. the governor also wants to change how the state funds its teacher pensions. maryland faces a billion-dollar budget shortfall. a man accused of trying to kill president obama by firing a gun at the white house now faces new charge. a grand jury indicted oscar
5:51 am
ramiro ortega hernandez on charges of assaulting three federal officers and damaging federal property. he also faces four separate firearms charge in addition to the attempted assassination charge. hernandez was arrested last november and initially charged with firing several rifle rounds at the white house. a judge ordered he be held without bond. a lawyer representing ortega hernandez says his client will plead not guilty to all the charge. a construction worker in silver spring is safe after being trapped inside an underground tank for nearly three hours. the man was doing some work at a site in the 1200 block of east-west highway yesterday when he fell into the tank and couldn't get out. he was trapped about 15 feet down. firefighters were able to hoist him out of the tank. and he's expected to be okay. all right. 5:51. time for weather and traffic on the 1s. goodness, it was 60 degrees last night. you wake up, the winds are howling. we're expecting a really cold day. >> yeah. in one of my school visits i asked the children what is wind.
5:52 am
a little girl said, wind is air that is moving. i said, very good, who can tell me what is air. and a little boy said, air is wind that is not moving. i said, you're going to be a lawyer. sit down. the wind is moving, air is moving. the cold air is moving in, too. mid to upper 30s from the panhandle of west virginia into the shenandoah valley where they're getting a few snow showers right now. but any accumulation there would be on grassy areas only. blue ridge east, in the upper 30s. in loudoun county, frederick county, montgomery, and western fairfax, parts of fauquier and rappahannock, closer to washington, eastern fairfax is in the low 40s. arlington, mid 40s, as well as the district, low 40s now in prince george's county. charles, calvert, st. mary's into the low to mid 40s, too. the sky is clear. we have a few clouds coming over washington and points west. these areas of pink and white. zones of scattered snow showers in the northern shenandoah valley. sunrise at 7:24. temperatures will hold steady
5:53 am
through the morning hours. winds gusting to 30 to 35 miles per hour this morning. they'll diminish this afternoon. by sunset, down into the upper 30s. sunset today at 5:13. by midnight, down near 30 degrees. by dawn tomorrow, near 20 degrees. afternoon highs to the mid 40s on thursday. increasing clouds. could get flurries tomorrow night. then friday, partly cloudy and cold. highs only in the upper 30s. then near 40 with chilly rain developing during the day on saturday. then a little sun back on sunday. but still cold. milder monday, tuesday, and could get some rain. and last week, i did travel to reston, virginia, and visited the armstrong elementary school. neil a. armstrong elementary school. talked to these second-graders. and i want to thank teacher katie howell for the invitation to talk to these wonderful students who were very interested in all the different types of weather. we had a terrific time at the armstrong elementary school in reston, virginia. this last photo on the left is the school principal, mr.
5:54 am
allens, we had a great time at armstrong elementary school. how's traffic? looking really good now. had an accident, inner loop at georgia avenue. it's out of the roadway. no problems on the beltway. now, traveling in virginia, 66 starting to hit the brakes as you make your way to sully road heading east. delays continue just as you make your way to centreville. after that, you're looking pretty good so far. no accidents east or west on i-66. i-95 starting to hit the brakes at prince william parkway. and those delays continue to the occoquan. further ahead, no issues northbound. no accidents southbound either. and if you're taking the rails, still no reported delays on the metro, marc, or vre. back to you. >> thank you very much. [ ringing ] you know those sounds. are you constantly reaching for your iphone, blackberry, or droid? well, it may not be so smart after all. researchers in britain say people who always check their
5:55 am
smartphones for a text, call, e-mail, or tweet, it does more harm than good. it adds stress apparently. the researchers say the stress isn't from work-related calls or emails. it's the personal use of smartphones, keeping in touch with friends and always wanting to be constantly in the know. gamers may soon want to check out a new exhibit coming to the smithsonian. the art of video games will open march 16 at the american art museum. the exhibit will focus on graphics, technology, and storytelling of some of the best games for systems ranging from atary -- remember atari -- to the playstation 3. 80 video games will be included in the exhibit. it will be part of a nationwide tour. new number show that more and more americans are rating their savings to help get through this tough economy. according to the u.s. commerce department, the amount of money that americans are saving has fallen back to its lowest level since december of 2011 when the recession began -- december of 2007 when the recession began.
5:56 am
numbers dipped to 3.5% from 5.1% the previous year. if your job search is forcing you to look farther from home, we have good news. a survey by careerbuilder found that nearly 1/3 of employers are willing to pay to help employees relocate. the lack of hiring has forced many jobseekers to look far beyond their own back yards. there is also a new web site called that helps workers identify the top markets where their sdikills mit be in demand. taking a shower or doing the dishes may cost you more if you live in certain counties. the sanitary commission is proposing a 7.5% increase in water and sewer fees. that equals to about $5 more a month on your bill if you use about 200 gallons of water a day. the average for a family of two, wssc, says the revenue will go toward operating budgets including raises for employees. does it feel like you're not seeing as many new cars on the roads, you're right. the cars we're driving have hit
5:57 am
a record old age. a new study of vehicle registration data shows that the average age of a car or truck on america's roads has hit a record 10.8 years old. back in 1995, the average age of a car was just 8.4 years. researchers say that job insecurity and other economic concerns have kept many americans from buying new cars. the aging of our vehicles has also meant big business for repair shops and for companies that sell replacement parts. good news for those two businesses. >> isn't it funny how as soon as you pay off your car, it breaks down? >> seems like it. one new jersey woman gave birth to a child on a port authority commuter train. >> she says she was trying to beat the rush on the route to the hospital when 31-year-old rabida sahrcar got on the train. she thought she was having false labor pains but quickly found out they were the real deal. her husband delivered the baby with the help of a woman on the
5:58 am
train. the baby boy is healthy. fine. the new parents say they have already decided on a nickname for the ♪ pierre! your fashion is so "right now," but your banking is so last season! earn more with high yield free checking at capital one bank. instead of some unfashionable rate, your checking could be earning five times the national average. and free atms anywhere. five times the interest? that's hot. oooooo! let's catwalk! you want more interest? open an account at a capital one bank. what's in your wallet? does this make my tuches look big?
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